Introducing FOAMULAR® Project Panel

FOAMULAR Project Panels are a versatile product line with many uses both in traditional insulation applications and hobby/art projects. The smaller panel size is ideal for adding thermal protection to tight spots in the house like attics and crawl spaces.  It’s also a viable option for smaller structures like tree houses and pet shelters.

  • Consistent R-value of 5 per inch
  • Environmentally friendly. Made with 20% recycled content
  • Available in a range from .75 to 3 inch thickness
  • Great for small scale projects with limited space
  • Perfect for hobbyists, sculptors and artisans

Watch these amazing artists transform rigid insulation board!

Albert Rademacher creates foam rocks and stone elements

Blackbeard Tombstone – Halloween Prop

Pink Foam Tutorial for Wargaming Terrain