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  • ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam Cleaner 12 oz

ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam Cleaner 12 oz (Case of 12)


ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam Cleaner is a multipurpose cleaning agent used to dissolve uncured or fresh polyurethane foam and adhesive. Typical use is for cleaning the 1-component dispensing guns which helps dissolve uncured urethane foam and adhesive to keep the internal and external parts working properly/efficiently. This product has been designed for cleaning of the 1-component professional dispensing guns as well as general purpose cleaning of tools, work surfaces, etc.


• 12 ounce ready to use cans
• Use with one component dispensing guns
• Collar for attaching to the one component dispensing gun
• Red spray activator for general cleaning
• Pre-pressurized cleaning agent dissolves uncured polyurethane foam and evaporates
• Contents can be dispensed in upright or inverted position
• No mechanical or electrical power required
• Recommended use temperature is 75°F (24°C)

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Product Description

ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam Cleaner

The propellant/blowing agents are non-ozone depleting (non-CFC, non-HCFC) and environmentally compliant.

• Shake can well before using
• For general cleaning of uncured foam, insert the spray
activator onto the valve system of the can. Be sure the
arrow points towards the surface to be cleaned and slowly
depress the activator to spray the cleaner. When using
on surfaces, such as siding, test a hidden section first
to make sure that it does not discolor the surface. If the
insulating foam sealant is cured there is no solvent that will
remove it and would require mechanical means to remove
• To clean dispensing gun: follow general cleaning
instructions after every can to remove fresh foam from the
dispensing gun adapter and barrel. This should be done
before attaching a new can. It is not necessary to flush
the dispensing gun after every can as long as a fresh can
of foam is immediately attached. After every 10-20 cans
(or prior to repair) the dispensing gun should be flushed
following these instructions:
• Hold spray activator aside
• Screw cleaner onto dispensing gun until it goes no further,
be sure not to over tighten
• Point end of dispensing gun into a bucket containing kitty
litter and carefully pull trigger until the solvent extrudes
from the gun tip
• Release trigger and let cleaning agent soak for one to two
• Pull trigger and dispense cleaning agent into the bucket
containing the kitty litter
• If necessary repeat procedure two to three times until only
clear cleaning agent appears from barrel
Note: Cured polyurethane foam cannot be dissolved with the
Owens Corning dispensing gun cleaner, do not use sharp or
pointed objects to clean dispensing gun.


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