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  • Propink Foam Sealant Gun

ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam Dispenser


For use with Owens Corning® ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam

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For use with Owens Corning® ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam

• Screw can onto the dispensing gun until it will not go any
further. Do not over-tighten. It will be important to properly
align the threads on the can with those on the coupler,
failure to do so can result in leakage between the can and
dispensing gun around the misaligned threads
• Grip the can and shake well
• Bead can be controlled by depressing the trigger, or by
the regulator screw on the back of the dispensing gun

• Dispense slowly. With the dispensing gun aimed into an
appropriate waste container, e.g. box, bag, bucket, etc.,
pull the trigger to purge the gun of any excess air and
• Any humidity inside the dispensing gun will be removed
with the extruded foam
• If there is a prolonged interruption in work, shake the
dispensing gun with can attached before attempting
to reuse