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QuietZone® Acoustic Caulk Case of 12


Case of 12

Owens Corning® QuietZone® acoustic sealant is an effective way to reduce sound transmission between rooms & can even help reduce noise coming in around exterior doors & windows.

Product Benefits: • Differentiate the homes you build with increased noise control for quieter, more peaceful living • Increase sales by offering unique up-sell options • Enhance your image by positioning yourself as an acoustic solutions expert • Save homeowners time and money by suggesting noise control prior to new home construction compared to retrofitting at a later date

QuietZone® acoustic sealant features these properties: • 50-year guarantee • Available in convenient 10.1 and 29 ounce tubes • Premium siliconized acrylic sealant • Class A Flame Spread • Non-hardening for the lifetime of the installed product • Acoustically engineered to block sound vibrations • Blocks air infiltration • Mildew and water-resistant • Superior adhesion – can be applied to a variety of different surfaces • Paintable • Quick clean-up with water • Retains acoustic properties over time • Interior and exterior sealant applications

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 17 in




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Product Description


acoustic sealant produces a flexible, acoustic seal. The product should be used to fill and seal all gaps in wall, floor, and ceilings to reduce noise transmission. Applications include:

• Gaps between wall stud plates and the subfloor

• Around electrical outlets and boxes

• Around air ducts and boots

• Around doors and windows

• Any other miscellaneous wall, ceiling and floor penetrations or gaps



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