Proudly offering standard Owens Corning rigid foam insulation board for sale.

Prime, top quality material for your building pleasure. We carry every size and style you’ll need courtesy of the world’s largest insulation supplier, Owens Corning™. Rigid insulation board is available in quantities ranging from individual foam sheathing to bundles to units.

Proudly offering clearance Owens Corning rigid foam insulation board for sale.

Here, you can find overstock, discontinued, non-standard sizes, and more. All rigid insulation meets ASTM C578 requirements and is offered at a discount! Finish under budget on your next job by saving big with us. Limited quantities available so make sure to check back regularly.

Proudly offering custom Owens Corning rigid foam insulation board for sale.

Looking for an odd size? Need your insulation board sloped or scored? We’ve got you covered. Depend on us to deliver every manner of custom configuration required. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are purpose built for the shaping of rigid foam insulation.

Guaranteed Top Quality Owens Corning™ Rigid Insulation Board Shipped Directly to You.

We stand behind our product. Enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all standard & custom insulation board as part of Insulation Supply’s promise to you. If you’re not satisfied* with your purchase of rigid foam sheathing from us, we’ll happily offer a refund. Offer excludes all clearance items. *See details

Why Choose Insulation Supply, Inc.?

Better pricing, flexible quantities, volume discounts, hassle-free shipping/will-call and a huge stock of standard and clearance rigid foam insulation is a good place to start. Because of our partnership with Fortune 500 insulation manufacturer, Owens Corning™, we can offer insulation boards to you in any amount needed, all at a diminished price.

We carry Owens Corning™ FOAMULAR® extruded polystyrene insulation, ideal for wall furring, perimeter/ foundation, cavity wall, crawlspace, pre-cast concrete, under slab, roofing systems, sheathing and many other applications. The patented Hydrovac® process makes the unique closed-cell structure of FOAMULAR® extruded polystyrene insulation highly resistant to moisture, retaining its long term R-value year after year – even following prolonged exposure to water leakage, condensation, ground-water and freeze/thaw cycling.

Why buy a truckload of insulation sheathing when one pallet is all that’s necessary? Now you don’t have to. Our commitment to you is providing industry standard materials in the quantity and style required. Trust in us to help you get the job done, and save a few $$$ while you’re at it. Check out what customers like you are saying about us below!

Presenting Rigid Insulation Board by Insulation Supply
“Insulation Supply helps me out in a pinch. If I’m short a bundle or two I can get as much or as little as I want. I would definitely recommend them.”
Mike D.
“Fast, easy and convenient. I was able to get 2 units of 150 delivered to the job-site. Would recommend to anyone in the industry. Thanks Insulation Supply!”
Joe H.
“I love that I can find all the different edge configurations I need. Being able to choose between tongue and groove, furlap and shiplap is hugely helpful in this industry.”
Leon S.
“Saving money on the clearance items is great. Being able to purchase some of the odd ball stuff at a discount means more room in the budget for other things.”
Chris M.

Estimated Energy Savings from Improvements Made to the Typical* American Home

*For more information on what is considered a typical American home per the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) from the U.S. Energy Information Administration please see the full list of baseline typical home assumptions.

Heating and Cooling Savings
Reduction in Energy Costs
Less Total Air Infiltration

What R Value is Right for You?

R Value is defined as the ability of an insulating material to reduce heat flow. A higher value means a greater reduction in the exchange of heat. By meeting the guidelines set out by the U.S. Department of Energy, you can expect to save up to 20% on your home’s heating and cooling costs.

Adding insulation to attics, floors, crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists is a great way to get started. Reducing costly air leaks makes for a more comfortable, energy efficient and eco-friendly house. Suggested R Value is based on geographic location and the regional weather associated with it. Find out what level of insulation board is right for you!