Common Uses for Foamular® Rigid Insulation Boards

What are some typical applications for the FOAMULAR® family of products?

FOAMULAR® Insulation is used in many residential and commercial construction applications. Its uses range from below grade in foundations, to under concrete slabs, to all types of wall construction (steel and wood stud, masonry and concrete), and in commercial roofing systems.

FOAMULAR® Insulation offers superior performance for a wide range of applications including:

  • basement walls and other below ground structures, particularly where ground water is present
  • frost protected shallow foundations
  • concrete floors, including those with high load traffic and/or storage such as industrial floors and cold storage floors
  • walls, including steel and wood frame, and masonry walls
  • low-slope roofs such as ballasted, mechanically attached, & fully adhered systems, protected roof systems
  • pitched roofs with metal or shingle coverings
  • wind energy, windmill blade cores
  • agricultural and livestock buildings
  • frost protection for roads, railways and other civil engineering works
  • composite panel cores, such as those for refrigeration and walk-in coolers

These are just some of the many uses for the versatile FOAMULAR® brand of rigid insulation. Have questions about which type best fits your project?

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