The Many Uses for FOAMULAR® XPS

DIY’ers and hobbyists have found many creative uses for FOAMULAR® XPS far beyond the normal building insulation applications. Listed below are some excellent examples of ways it is used.

foam board model airplane
dog house insulation
craft foam board

Crafting, Costumes & Props

Artisans from around the world have used FOAMULAR® XPS foam to craft some truly amazing objects. The foam boards can be easily cut and sanded to virtually any shape or design. They come in a range of widths and thicknesses so be sure to check out the product page to find the best size for your project.

Dog Houses/Pole Barns

Dog houses and pole barns alike share a simplified building technique adapted from the labor-intensive traditional timber framing seen in housing. Adding FOAMULAR® XPS insulation will give your shelter the same great protection that it lends to any other structure. Please visit our Insulation R Value Calculator to find the appropriate rating for your geographical area. Its inhabitant(s) will certainly appreciate it.

Hot Tub Covers

Help keep the hot in your hot tub. The superior thermal retention and water absorbtion resistance qualities of FOAMULAR® XPS makes it the ideal material for recreational tub covers. Preventing heat loss will result in less electrical consumption that will then translate into real savings. To see some examples of professionally built hot tub coverings utilizing the superior thermal qualities of this insulation visit 

Ice Shantys/Cold Weather Habitats

For ice fishing enthusiasts looking for an insulation solution for your structure, we recommend FOAMULAR® XPS. Whether you are building a habitat from scratch or converting an existing structure, these boards can be cut to any size and attached to any surface. This is a more precise and less messy approach than using a spray foam technique.

Model RC Airplanes

The sturdy and lightweight nature of FOAMULAR® XPS makes it a solid choice for crafting RC model airplanes and other vehicles. With the right tools, determination and imagination, you can create a wide range of aircraft much cheaper than prebuilt ones and have a lot of fun in the process. For a great resource for model airplane blueprints visit the folks at

Radiant Floor Heating Applications

FOAMULAR® is commonly used under slabs containing radiant heating systems. It is an excellent choice due to its high R-value, water resistance, and compressive strength, all suited for below slab use.

Best Selling Products

Below are some of our best selling types of rigid insulation! We carry some of the most popular FOAMULAR® XPS products as well as all specialty varieties! We also offer custom cuts and edge types on most products to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Visit our products section to shop now, or contact us by email or phone for more info.