FOAMULAR® Exterior Wall Installation

Follow these manufacturer’s instructions to get the best out of your Owens Corning rigid insulation board. For more installation instructions and other insulation-related info, head over to the Owens Corning website.

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Basic Tools

  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Hammer or power screwdriver

Protective Gear

  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • OSHA approved safety glasses

Special Equipment

  • Power cap nail gun

Site Preparations

  1. Ensure that the substrate is clean and dry. Remedy all protrusions or surfaces that are not flat.
  2. Remove obstacles to the work area including all potential trip hazards.
  3. Do not install during inclement weather.
  4. Verify that ladders and/or scaffolding are in safe, working condition.

Installation Instructions

  1. Start in corner. Install FOAMULAR® vertically or horizontally, like installing wood sheathing, working towards opposite end of wall.
  2. If installing over wood sheathing, start 1 foot past the corner and cut that piece off. This will cover the seams of the wood sheathing and help reduce air leakage through the wall .
  3. Use cap nails or staples 12″ on-center for the perimeter and 16″ on-center for the field. Fasteners must be long enough to penetrate ¾” into sheathing/framing
  4. Tightly butt each successive board, then nail or staple into place.
  5. Seal all seams and penetrations with HomeSealR™ foam joint tape.
  6. Cover entire wall then go back to remove penetrations like windows and doors. Use the framing to guide cuts for removal.
  7. Use HomeSealR™ tape for any repairs.

Additional Considerations

  • This product is not required to be installed by someone trained or certified by the manufacturer.
  • As is, this product undergoes no chemical reaction and is in its final form when purchased. There is no need to evacuate the building during installation.
  • FOAMULAR® cannot be in contact with hot surfaces such as chimneys or heat sources over 165 degrees F.
  • Air Sealing—in applications that require air sealing, use Owens Corning® HomeSealR™ foam joint tape to seal joints between boards. Use Owens Corning® FlashSealR® foam flashing tape to seal FOAMULAR® to other substrates.
  • Use HomeSealR™ to repair breaks. Replace foam into the board and then tape with HomeSealR™ to repair holes.
  • Avoid leaving FOAMULAR® exposed for extended periods of time.
  • For use in exposed applications refer to Code Evaluation Report UL-ER8811-01 and local building codes regarding the need for an ignition barrier.
  • To cut boards to size, score with box knife then snap at the score • Use a 4″-6″ thin blade knife to cut holes or other penetrations through the FOAMULAR®